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Saturday, December 18, 2010

The Hazzards-Gay Boyfriends

sedak kakloh lagu nim~

1...2... Ready, Go....

I'm tired of boys who make me cry
They cheat on me and they tell me lies
The one I love will never stray
When he sees other girls he looks away

And if he never kisses me well thats alright
Coz we can just cuddle all night

Gay Boyfriend, Gay Boyfriend
I dont really care that you are queer
Gay Boyfriend, Gay Boyfriend
I never feel lonely when you are near

It'll be a great romance
We'll go shopping and buy some pants
You don't care how big my ass is
Just how fabulous my dress is


1...2... Ready, Go....

You cry at movies on our dates
Romantic comedies sure are great
But when your sad i'll dry your tears
Coz i'll always think that you are fierce

I like cigarettes, and thats no gag
But you'll always be my favourite fag
You'll always be my favourite fag
You'll always be my favourite....

Chorus x 3 to fade 

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